43: How to Tell Your Story (and why your brand needs it!), with Jasmin Black Ortega - the Creative Empire podcast

On this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast, the ladies are joined by Jasmin Black Ortega who is known for her visual storytelling. Jasmin starts with why your brand needs a story and how to find it. Then she explains how consistent branding plays like a movie with a beginning, a middle and an end. Jasmin goes on to explain how to interpret natural flow of thought to your visuals. Finally she talks about how you don't need to focus on one passion, but can follow your skills and interests where ever they take you, as long as they tell a story! 


Show Highlights:

  • Why your brand needs a story and how to find it
  • Why you don't have to focus on one passion
  • How to create consistent visuals for your brand
  • How to interpret natural flow of thought to your visuals

Jasmin’s Bio:

Jasmin Black is what you call a visual storyteller. This lover of laughs, mother of a fur kitty and wife is an expert at taking your vision and bringing it to life through intentional style while conveying your your story seamlessly. Jasmin’s love for storytelling is seen through her fine art skills as a calligrapher where she beautifully scripts a couple’s love story in a well written invitation to friends and loved ones, as a consultant for creative female driven brands that are looking to communicate their brand story in a way which captures their ideal client’s attention and also as a stylist and creative director working with clients to style their photo shoots for online and editorial publication. After years of traveling abroad and throughout the United States Jasmin and her husband have moved to America in Hickory, NC outside of her hometown of Charlotte where she left her high-level job as a nationally certified American Sign Language Interpreter for become a female entrepreneur and establishing her own company Estudio RoJo. Aside from dance breaks, gummy bears, delicious food and documentaries Jasmin is addicted to helping others listen to their inner creative voice. She is driven to inspire, educate and speak to others about how they challenge themselves from a more positive perspective and seek creativity from within and the fact that she speak four languages fluently allows her to relate and connect to people in a broader way. You can easily find Jasmin listening to music, occupied in her volunteer work or sketching at any time.

Jasmin's Social Handles:

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