51: Changing the Way We Consume + Create, with Bethany Tran - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina + Christina this episode is Bethany Tran of The Root Collective, an ethical fashion company focused on creating jobs and changing lives in Guatemala. Bethany educates the hosts + listeners on what life in slums is really like and why she started The Root Collective. She offers helpful ways for product-based business to start being more ethical and sustainable in their own businesses, then expands that advice to include service-based businesses. The trio have an honest conversation about empathy fatigue and knowing your limitations. Lastly, Bethany advises people to vote with their dollars to drive change and shares some resources that will help you find ethical, fair trade companies to buy from. 


Show Highlights:

  • How to start doing good with your business, whether it's service or product-based
  • What empathy fatigue is + how to accept your limitations
  • How to scale a product-based business
  • How to find other companies to buy from that are doing good with their businesses

Show Notes:

Bethany's Bio:

Bethany fell in love with the slum community of La Limonada in Guatemala in 2009 and it changed the course of her life forever. She began to realize how little most Americans understand about poverty and the social constructs that keep people where they are in countries like Guatemala. After the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh several years later, she saw the dichotomy of how jobs can create lives, but also destroy them. She wanted to be a part of providing a solution for jobs that create a culture of kindness. She is passionate about justice, ethical fashion, and might be overly obsessed with her dogs. Coffee is her love language and a little known secret is that she makes her own kombucha. Her overactive sense of humor gets her in trouble sometimes, but she feels that life is already too tough to take it seriously all the time.

Bethany's Social Handles:

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