54: How to Survive the Holidays with Your Family, Jam Session with Reina and Christina - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode on the Creative Empire Podcast, Reina + Christina want to shed light on an important topic they see creatives struggling with, which is how to share what you do and survive the opinions. They both have been there and want to help make this holiday season more peaceful for you! They talk about it being the creative business owner's responsibility not only to educate people on what it is they do, but also to be okay with them not understanding. Reina advises people to get really clear on their money situation so they can be confident in their plan and articulate it. They encourage listeners to figure out who really matters, who is part of their inner circle, and only listen to their opinions. When it gets hard, especially around the holidays, find ways to be alone and de-stress, like journaling and the Grateful Heart exercise. Lastly, they talk about voicing your wins and actually celebrating them. 


Show Highlights:

  • How to be ok with people not "getting" what you do
  • How to limit whose opinions matter to you
  • How to approach friends + family with the news of launching your business
  • How to tell people what you do in relatable terms
  • Why having outlets are so important + a few ideas of how to decompress
  • How to acknowledge + celebrate your wins

Show Notes:

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