57: Productivity Mistakes You're Making + How to Overcome Them, with Natalie Franke Hayes - the Creative Empire podcast

As one of the cofounders of The Rising Tide Society, Natalie Franke Hayes sees a lot of the same mistakes being made by creative business owners that are just starting out or growing their business. She outlines these mistakes to Reina + Christina and also goes over how to overcome them. Lastly, she ends this episode with a motivational speech that is a must-listen! 


Show Highlights:

  • What the Rising Tide Society is and how it got started
  • What the most common mistakes she sees creative entrepreneurs making + how to overcome them
  • How creatives can feel like they're part of a community, even if there's not a Rising Tide chapter in their area
  • What "white space" is and why we need it
  • What books + videos Natalie recommends

Show Notes:

Natalie's Bio:

Natalie Franke Hayes is an International Wedding Photographer, Educator, Speaker, and Founder of the Rising Tide Society. She is also a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Visual Studies and a concentration in Visual Neuroscience and the Psychology of Seeing. She loves discovering ways for small business owners to attract their ideal clientele through modern marketing strategies and works to empower entrepreneurs to thrive.

Natalie's Social Handles:

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