6: Abby Grace, How the 'Gentle No' Created Her Dream Business - the Creative Empire podcast

Abby talks about how the 'Gentle No' allows her to respectfully decline the wrong potential clients and focus on the right ones. Abby discusses how finding a niche is important, even if it's difficult to say no to amazing projects that simply don't fit the brand. Abby describes how her own struggle with this resulted in a strong brand image, clearly targeting the clients she wants to work with, resulting in her business sky rocketing. Abby Grace is an international wedding and anniversary photographer who loves what she does.

Show Highlights:

  • Why you shouldn't be afraid to say no (and why it's good for business)
  • How finding and then declaring a niche can help your business sky rocket
  • How to stay true to your brand and niche, even when you're tempted away
  • How to respectfully reject the wrong potential client (and focus on the ones that matter!)

Show Notes:

Abby Grace's Bio:

Abby Grace is an international Anniversary + Wedding photographer based in Washington DC. She has a serious crush on all things old-school chic and classic. Abby Grace gets to travel all over the world to shoot weddings, and has been doing so for over six years. When she's not photographing weddings and anniversaries, she's teaching across the country at different conferences and workshops. Abby Grace Photography's mission is to run a business that enables a life that they want to live and to enrich and extend the life of any given marriage through photography. How beautiful is that?

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