61: How to Unite Multiple Hustles Under a Master Brand, Empire Mentoring Session with Dannie Fountain - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina for this Empire Mentoring Session is Dannie Fountain, a strategist, author, and educator. Dannie has several businesses and side hustles that she is wanting to unite and be more cohesive. Reina and Christina work with Dannie to get really clear on her core offering and how her other projects relate to it. They even discuss how to showcase her expertise on her website! Lastly they give her homework to check out the website of other creative entrepreneurs with multiple businesses and to get really clear on her five main thesis points when she pitches to clients. 


Show Highlights:

  • How there's always something that unites all of your hustles
  • How the more LLCs you have, the more diversified your portfolio is
  • What questions you have to ask to get clear on your purpose
  • How building a brand that's more about you + that houses your various hustles might be the right move
  • How being really clear on what your main offerings are going to be is great for your business
  • What prompted Dannie to write Side Hustle Gal
  • How to structure your website to house all your side projects
  • What other creative entrepreneurs do to showcase all their various businesses on their website
  • How your main 5 thesis points you have when pitching yourself convey your message to potential clients

Show Notes:

Dannie’s Bio:

I'm Dannie, I'm the founder of LE Consulting! I got my start in the marketing world in late 2008/early 2009 when I took on my first freelance client. I then did marketing for a State Senator campaign in my home state of Michigan, and between that first client and working with the Senator's team, I knew marketing was for me. I've since gone to college and earned a BA in Media and Marketing and Management and an MS in Human Resource Management to supplement that early "on the job" training. I got my "official" start on LE Consulting in 2012 and the rest is somewhat history! On a more personal note, I'm in love with traveling the world - I've been to 15 countries (4 continents) and half the US so far and I've got a few more trips coming up in the next 18 months (Thailand, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Turks & Caicos, the Dominican Republic, and Arizona, to start). I'm a certified scuba diver and have a student pilot certification, so I introduce myself to clients by first explaining that I can look at their marketing challenges from literally every angle. I currently live in the Chicagoland area but I'm a born and bred Michigander and still head home to Lexington, MI for holidays.

Dannie’s Social Handles:

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