74: How to Find Your Unique Value Proposition, with Jena Nesbitt - the Creative Empire podcast

Professor, author, trend forecastor, and co-founder of The Creative Roundtable Jena Nesbitt is Reina and Christina's guest on The Creative Empire podcast this episode. First the trio talk about Jena's winding path to entrepreneurship and how the skills she learned along the way were valuable. Then they dive right into talking about pricing and the Unique Value Proposition. Jena's unique journey + perspective really lend themselves to these topics. Lastly, they talk about disruptors and how to be one. 


Show Highlights:

  • How entrepreneurship isn't a straight line
  • How to strategically price your goods or services
  • Why it's necessary to track your numbers
  • What the Unique Value Proposition is and how to figure out your own
  • How to be a disruptor

Show Notes:

Jena’s Bio:

Jena Nesbitt is an avid learner & teacher, constantly striving to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of other creatives. In 2016 she accepted an adjunct professor position with the Art Institute of Portland, teaching courses in Creative Entrepreneurship and Fashion Forecasting. She is the author of the Creative Business Canvas, a visual business model tool built specifically for artists, designers, and creative businesses. Jena works as a trend forecasting consultant with national companies, utilizing her background in visual merchandising, textile design, and product development to inspire future apparel & lifestyle products. In late 2014 Jena co-founded The Creative Roundtable, offering support & guidance to creative entrepreneurs through facilitated weekly discussions and monthly meet-ups. Jena is an active member of the Portland design, tech, and startup communities; you’ll often find her at networking at local events, hosting meet-ups, or teaching & mentoring at conferences.

Jena’s Social Handles:

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