77: How to Start a Membership Site, with Rachel Rouhana - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina for this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast is Rachel Rouhana, graphic designer, photographer, and founder of The Styled Stock Library. Rachel reveals everything about her membership site to Reina + Christina, including what made her do one instead of a different business model. She shares what she started with, how she keeps coming up with fresh content, and how she balances retaining customers with selling new subscriptions. 

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Show Highlights:

  • How Rachel got her start in stock photography + how she grew her membership site
  • How Rachel knew she needed help + grew her team
  • What made Rachel decide to do a membership site instead of other stock photography business models
  • How to balance selling membership spots with retaining existing customers
  • How to keep creating new + fresh content
  • How much content to have before launching
  • What stops people from downloading all the content + canceling
  • Why listening to your customers is essential to running a business

Show Notes:

Rachel’s Bio:

Rachel Rouhana is a graphic designer and photographer who helps women entrepreneurs create visually stunning brands to attract their ideal clients. She founded the Styled Stock Library to make it easy + affordable for boss ladies to create gorgeous graphics that get clicks, likes, shares, and ultimately lead to more sales. Obsessed with gold, glitter, and all things pink, you can often find her sipping a latte and scrolling through Instagram for inspiration. Meet Rachel and learn how to add instant glam to your brand at www.hautechocolate.ca

Rachel’s Social Handles:

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