79: The Complete Guide to Surface Pattern Design, with Bonnie Christine - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode of the Creative Empire Podcast with Bonnie Christine of Going Home to Roost is all about surface pattern design! Reina, Christina, and Bonnie discuss everything from how to learn Illustrator to how to get your portfolio in front of people who want to license artwork to how to design your life around financial freedom. There are lots of great tips + resources in this episode for people wanting to learn surface pattern design. 

Email Header Template Episode 79
Email Header Template Episode 79

Show Highlights:

  • What surface pattern design is
  • Why you should slow down + make a bunch of patterns before trying to land a licensing gig
  • Where Bonnie draws inspiration from
  • How to find an alternative path to financial freedom
  • How to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator
  • How to learn what you need to learn to be a surface pattern designer
  • How to get your portfolio in front of companies

Show Notes:

Bonnie’s Bio:

Sophisticated and delicate, Bonnie Christine’s designs transcend time and brighten up the past. Bonnie weaves a small part of her life into each pattern she creates, making the design process and end results meaningful and unique. She lives nestled back in the forests of North Carolina where she finds endless inspiration from the mountains around her. Stay connected with her through her blog, Going Home to Roost and attend one of her classes on surface pattern design on either CreativeLive or Skillshare.

Bonnie’s Social Handles:

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