92: Lisa Funk, How to Create a Company Culture of Connection - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina talk to Lisa Funk of Handlettered Design during this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast. Lisa is great at creating connections and encouraging people on Instagram, so they ask her to share how she has created a company that is so encouraging. Also discussed in this episode is what business owners should focus on instead of just numbers, how to get more comfortable with selling, and what advice Lisa would give to new business owners. 


Show Highlights:

  • How Lisa became an "accidental" business owner and how it's impacted how she does business
  • What mindful lettering is and how it's helped Lisa through hard times
  • What advice Lisa has for new handlettering business owners
  • What helped Lisa pivot in her business and how she gained clarity on what she really wanted to offer
  • What former students of Lisa's have gone on to do
  • What business owners should focus on instead of numbers
  • What Lisa's main goal for her Instagram account is
  • How Lisa got more comfortable with selling
  • What tips Lisa has for building a business that is encouraging

Show Notes:

Lisa’s Bio:

Lisa Funk is a hand lettering artist and creative founder of Hand Lettered Design. During one of the most challenging times in her life, lettering saved her - as a creative and meaningful outlet and she loves sharing that with others. What started as selling prints at holiday pop-up shops turned into several custom jobs and lots of different experiences including creating designs for Hobby Lobby, selling in local stores and teaching at major conferences. She and her partner Addi teach chalk art and hand lettering workshops and have now taught more than 700 students at their in-person classes and more than 1600 students online. She is passionate about helping women live intentional lives, focusing on what matters most. Lisa is a wife and mom to three littles, life-long Californian now living in Gilbert, Arizona where she loves living by family and being a part of an amazing creative community. She loves visiting art museums, traveling anywhere she can (especially the beach), dark chocolate, delicious food and real conversations about real life.

Lisa’s Social Handles:

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