95: Alisha Johns, How to Position Yourself to Do the Work You Want To Do - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina for this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast is photographer, social media strategist, and founder of LISH Creative Alisha Johns. Alisha shares how to find your own visual style, why you need to curate your portfolio, and how to stand out from the crowd. The trio also talk extensively about how to become an influencer, how to make a memorable and favorable pitch, and what you actually need before you start contacting companies. 


Show Highlights:

  • How Alisha got to where she is now, owning her own agency + working with big brands
  • Why you need to curate your portfolio
  • How to find your own visual style
  • How many followers Alisha had when she started getting contacted for influencer services
  • What you need in order to start contacting companies to be an influencer
  • Why Instagram stories are on the way up right now
  • What makes a good pitch + some fun ways to make them more visual
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • Why having a physical space that's your own to create in is important
  • What advice Alisha has for someone who is starting out + wants to be an influencer/work with big brands

Show Notes:

Alisha’s Bio:

Alisha Johns is the the color-loving photographer and social media strategist behind LISH creative - a content agency and consulting firm for lifestyle and hospitality brands. After graduating with a degree in Marketing from Virginia Tech, she turned to Instagram to build a creative portfolio for the advertising industry. 3 agency jobs, 3 features in Mashable, and one vibrant community later, Alisha left her 9-5 to work for LISH creative full time. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Alisha now lives in Los Angeles and has done work for major brands including Dunkin Donuts, Method Home, GE and Lenscrafters.

Alisha’s Social Handles:

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