39: How to Learn from Product Failures (and Ace Your Next One!), with Ashley Lurcott - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode is with Ashely Lurcott of the Modern Caligraphy Summit where she celebrates product failures and teaches listeners how to learn from them. Ashley is the queen of pre-validating and selling products even before they have launched, but doesn't mean she doesn't have launch failures. Ashley encourages creatives to handle refection and learn from these failures since there are more great ideas where that came from! Ashley also goes on to talk about why you should view people as future partners, not competitors. 


Show Highlights:

  • How to pre-validate + test a product before launch
  • How to handle rejection and learn from failure
  • Why you should fearlessly collaborate
  • How to deal with product launch failures (and learn from them!)
  • Why you should view people as future partners (not competitors)
  • How to pre-sell your product before it even launches

Show Notes:

Ashley's Bio:

I create awesome digital courses and help people launch their businesses and products online. As a generalist, I’m involved in everything from product creation, marketing, branding, and launch strategy, to the nitty-gritty tech details like video production, email automation, and web design.

Ashley's Social Handles:

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