20: How to Know the Rules then Break Them with Katell Schmitz - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode features Katell Schmitz of Reverie Lane Designs. She talks about why being different is a good thing when it comes to design and how to embrace it creatively. Katell discusses how she got to a place where she is comfortable being unique, then she goes into why finding your voice is a must for any new designer. Lastly, she outlines the design process. 

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Show Highlights:

  • What the creative process for the Creative Empire branding was like
  • Why Katell is different and how it enhances her design process
  • How being unapologetically herself has opened doors
  • Why it's important to find your own voice before designing for anybody else
  • How Katell become a branding expert
  • How to know which branding designer to pick for a project

Show Notes:

Katell's Bio:

Katell Schmitz is the owner + creative director of Reverie Lane Designs. Born in France, she studied Applied Modern Languages, Marketing and Cultural Project Management. She has always been captivated by creativity and finding any way possible to animate her imagination.

After college she moved to America, married her soulmate and now has two beautiful little humans. She worked as a freelance designer for a handful of years before starting her entrepreneurial journey. She believes branding and graphic design as a whole should be personal and tailor made. You know your business uniquely and should be the one telling the world about it. There is a little bit of a dream in this reality for everybody, and Katell feels honored to have her creativity at the service of your dreams. That is the very force propelling Reverie Lane Designs.

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