93: Rachel Gadiel, How to Focus in on Your Brand Message - the Creative Empire podcast

This Creative Empire podcast episode Reina and Christina interview Rachel Gadiel, Australian Digital Stylist + Writer + Speaker + host of Femme Boss. This episode is all about getting really clear on your brand message and focusing on doing one thing really well. Rachel shares the 3 principles that go into your brand and how to create a mission statement. Lastly, the trio discuss how to find what differentiates you from the rest of your field and include examples of how wedding photographers can find their unique angle.


Show Highlights:

  • Why consistency is important in branding
  • What 3 principles are incorporated into branding
  • Why you need to be clear in all of your messaging
  • How to create a mission statement (+why you need one)
  • How to figure out what to focus on
  • How people can find their unique angle

Show Notes:

Rachel’s Bio:

Rachel Gadiel is an Australian Digital Stylist, Writer + Speaker currently based in San Francisco. Through her blog, coaching and e-courses, she teaches bloggers + creative entrepreneurs how to intentionally create an online space they truly love. She fuses together 10 years working as a Digital Marketing Strategist with over 5 years blogging and creating a multitude of online spaces. Rachel received her training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has a Bachelor of Arts/Business.  She is on a mission to inspire authentic living, infused with health + happiness.

Rachel’s Social Handles:

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91: Janet Hoang, How to Learn as You Grow - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode of the Creative Empire Podcast with Janet Hoang of Janet Gwen Designs is all about learning as you grow! Reina, Christina, and Janet discuss what it was like for Janet to start a business so young and how it has changed from then until now. Janet shares how to not just sell products, but a culture and how to actively engage with people and build a brand outside of the Internet. Lastly they talk about switching from Etsy to her own website and why email lists are so important. 


Show Highlights:

  • What the impetus for starting her own business was + what her business looked like when she started
  • How Janet realized her phone cases could be a business + how she made it bigger than that
  • How Janet strayed from the path expected from her + decided for herself what she wanted to be
  • What advice Janet has for young people who think they're not qualified to run a business
  • What ways Janet's business has given back to her life and what her business looks like today
  • How Janet got from not even having a studio to having an entire home to work from
  • How to not just sell products, but a culture
  • How to actively facilitate engagements + create that experience/build that brand outside of the internet
  • How to come up with content for social media
  • What switching from Etsy to her own website has done for her business + what compelled her to switch
  • How to help facilitate that brand recognition if you are on Etsy + looking to move off of it
  • Why email lists are so important
  • What Janet would say to anyone on the fence about owning a business
  • What self-care looks like for Janet
  • Why she started a fashion blog as well

Show Notes:

Janet’s Bio:

 Hello! I'm Janet; I’m the founder and creative director of Janet Gwen Designs. It’s a creative studio known for our gold and marble cases and hand painted phone cases. (YES! HAND PAINTED!) JGD mission is to encourage and highlight unfiltered creativity by challenging the social standards of art. We strive to make a statement by using bold colors and textures on traditional and non traditional surfaces. We create one-of-a kind pieces of art for those customers who appreciate the little details it takes to pull it all together. We make your hustle beautiful, one art infused piece at the time. We want to start conversations, create real life connections, and inspire you in your wildest dreams. We are here to cheer you on every step because we know you got this! You can read all about my story and how JGD got started here!

Janet’s Social Handles:

90: Jaclyn Mellone, How to Master Your Mindset - the Creative Empire podcast

Mindset and marketing mentor, speaker and co-hostess of the All Up In Your Lady Business podcast Jaclyn Mellone is Reina and Christina’s guest on The Creative Empire podcast this episode. The heart of this episode is about tackling mindset issues. Jaclyn shares ways mindset issues manifest themselves in our lives and how to deal with them instead. Also included in this episode is why it's important sometimes to rebrand, what things to do to get to know your tribe, why community is essential to owning a business, and lots of great advice for other business owners. 


Show Highlights:

  • Why Jaclyn rebranded + what some of her reservations were for making this change
  • How to incorporate your children into your business, if that's what you want to do
  • How Jaclyn intersected mindset + marketing
  • How Jaclyn knew it was time to become a personal brand
  • What imposter syndrome is and how it manifests itself
  • How to self-develop or reflect in a way that really is empowering or powerful to build yourself up
  • What things to do to get to know your tribe
  • Why community is essential in business ownership

Show Notes:

Jaclyn’s Bio:

Jaclyn Mellone is a mindset and marketing mentor, speaker and co-hostess of the All Up In Your Lady Business podcast. She helps passionate, creative entrepreneurs channel their zone of genius, tackle their inner mean girls, and build Know, Love and Trust with themselves and their tribe.

When she’s not helping entrepreneurs create their own version of success, from the inside out, you can find Jaclyn spending time with her husband Chris, their 2 adorable children, Eleanor and Marshall or being lounged on by their fur-child, Louie… most likely in a sea of naked Barbies and dismantled Lego sets. Jaclyn loves to connect on Instagram (@knowloveandtrust), her Facebook group (The Know Love and Trust Tribe) … usually with her favorite Black Toasted Almond cuppa joe from Dunkin’ Donuts in hand!

Jaclyn’s Social Handles:

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Episode 87: How to Craft a Business with Intention, with Ali Edwards - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina interview Ali Edwards, creator of memory keeping products and classes, this Creative Empire podcast episode. Ali talks about always connecting everything she puts out back to her reason why, how she is very intentional in everything she does, and why she prefers slow growth. During this conversation, the trio discuss thinking ahead in launch strategy and share tips on how to authentically share your story with your audience.


Show Highlights:

  • What One Little Word is and what Ali's word for this year is
  • How Ali uses her website to get her customers to focus on certain projects
  • How to create & use a launch strategy
  • How to intentionally create products/classes that matter to you
  • Why Ali encourages everyone to connect with their reason why
  • How Ali's business has evolved
  • What tips Ali has for people wanting to authentically share their story with their audience
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Show Notes:

Ali’s Bio:

Ali Edwards' passion resides in that very special place where the stories and images of life intersect. Designer, blogger, workshop instructor, and author of four books about memory keeping, Ali is well known for authentically capturing everyday life with photos and words and creating memory keeping projects from those moments that pass by in an instant. Guided by simple principles such as not making things more complicated than they need to be, focusing on the things that matter most and embracing imperfection, Ali Edwards is proud to be a work in progress. She believes without a doubt that there's no right or wrong way to do all this, that the real stories are worth telling, and there's a whole lot of celebrating to do even in the midst of the challenging pieces of life. Since 2004, Ali Edwards blog, workshops and memory keeping projects have inspired tens of thousands of people to share their own stories and enrich their own lives through the process. Ali lives in Eugene, Oregon with her two children and their cat George Washington.

Ali’s Social Handles:

84: How to Jump into Wholesale, with Katie Hunt - the Creative Empire podcast

Business strategist, mentor to creative entrepreneurs, and founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp Katie Hunt is Reina and Christina’s guest on The Creative Empire podcast this episode. They dive right in to some things to consider when trying to decide whether or not to go wholesale and that advantages/disadvantages to going to a big tradeshow such as the National Stationery Show. Other things they talk about include: what to consider when deciding whether or not to buy educational opportunities for your business, why focus is key in growing your business, and what characteristics people have that make them more likely to be successful. 


Show Highlights:

  • What some things are to consider when thinking of going wholesale
  • When (in the timeline of your business) to go to a big trade show like the National Stationery Show
  • What the pros + cons are of going to a big trade show like the National Stationery Show
  • What Paper Camp is
  • What to consider when deciding whether or not to buy educational opportunities for your business
  • Why focus is key in growing your business
  • What characteristics people have that make them more likely to be successful
  • What a few Paper Camp success stories are
  • What is next for wholesale

Show Notes:

Katie’s Bio:

Katie Hunt is the founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp, a business strategist, and mentor to creative entrepreneurs. She is a firm believer in professional development, surrounding yourself with community and pushing ‘go’ even when you might not feel 100% ready. Katie has taught classes for CreativeLive, The Savvy Experience, Seanwes Conference, Be Sage Conference, Unique Camp, and Makers Nation. She frequently speaks about strategies for creating a product line, selling wholesale, business planning and the importance of community for entrepreneurs.

Katie earned a dual MBA in marketing and finance from Loyola Marymount University and has spent the last 16 years coaching large corporations and entrepreneurs on marketing and business development strategies. Her strengths lie in connecting people and bringing ideas to life – brainstorming, making a plan and executing. Katie has a passion for creating, a mind for business and a strong desire to help others succeed.

Katie’s Social Handles:

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83: How to Use Stock Photos for Business, with Alli Elmunzer - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina for this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast is Alli Elmunzer, professional lifestyle + commercial photographer and founder of the Turquoise & Palm Stock Gallery. Alli offers great tips on how to use stock photography in your business, including why stock photos are better than DIY'ing it, how to be authentic while using them, and other ways to use them besides social media. She also shares candidly about how she decided to price her membership site and how she increased its value.


Show Highlights:

  • What the value is of signing up for a stock photo subscription vs trying to DIY
  • How to feel authentic while using stock photos
  • How to deal with people who steal your images
  • How branding helped her business + at what point Alli developed the Turquoise and Palm brand
  • Why it's important to be open to change
  • What ways you can use stock photos in your business besides in your Instagram feed
  • How Alli decided to price her stock photography site
  • How she increased the value in her stock photography site

Show Notes:

Alli’s Bio:

Alli is a professional lifestyle and commercial photographer at her studio Turquoise & Palm in Charleston, SC. Prior to opening her photography business, Alli attended law school in Boston and is a licensed attorney in both Massachusetts and Michigan. Feeling creatively uninspired in the practice of law, she took the leap into entrepreneurship in 2009. Her photography accomplishments include features on blogs and in magazines including Grace Ormonde, Style Me Pretty, Joss and Main, and Belong Magazine, as well as book features in the Knot Outdoor Weddings and DesignHER. Most recently she launched her stock photography site, the Turquoise & Palm Stock Gallery, which is comprised of both lifestyle and styled stock photography curated especially for small business owners, creative entrepreneurs, and bloggers.  Additionally, Alli is an online educator and speaker and is passionate about helping other creatives cultivate a more beautiful online presence through photography.

Alli’s Social Handles:

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78: How to Build Brand Loyalty, with Cathy Olson - the Creative Empire podcast

Branding expert, founder of Love Inspired, and creator of Shopsite School Cathy Olson is Reina and Christina’s guest on The Creative Empire podcast this episode. Cathy shares the pivotal experience that changed her life and made her want to start teaching and speaking. First they discuss branding- who to hire, how to make your website user friendly, and what the most essential part of your brand is. Then Cathy talks about how being on Etsy can be a branding "kiss of death" and how she recommends people get off Etsy. Finally, she shares a ton of knowledge about how to build brand loyalty to get customers to follow you off of Etsy. 


Show Highlights:

  • How to determine who to hire for branding your business
  • Why having a website you can use + grow into is important
  • How Cathy is able to translate what her clients want + what she uses to fuel her process
  • Why transitioning off of Etsy is important, branding wise
  • How to build brand loyalty off of Etsy
  • How to build your brand as a whole

Show Notes:

Cathy’s Bio:

Cathy Olson has been beautifying brands and designing experiences of digital delight for over 17 years, working with multi-million dollar brands like Costco, Best Buy and Disney. Now the founder of Love Inspired, an international branding and web design studio with a boutique approach, she helps creatives package their expertise in a way that excites eyes, hugs hearts, and cues cha-chings. She is also the creator of Shopsite School, an online classroom and essential resource to help product-based businesses get off of Etsy and create a successful shop on their own. She has a passion for putting the fun in functional, the purpose in pretty, and the meaning in details. When she’s not innovating for clients, she shares her multifaceted expertise teaching online or on the stage. Her heart’s mission: To help talented creatives feel seen online, so they’ll feel proud to share their ideas and passions with others, and inspired to stretch their creativity.

Cathy’s Social Handles:

65: How to Turn Your Blog into a Business, with Luisa Hammett - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina for this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast is Luisa Hammett. Luisa is a successful blogger and shares a lot of insight on how to turn your blog into a business. The trio cover everything from how to earn money blogging to when to start charging + how to approach brands. If you've been thinking of starting a blog or you already have a blog + want to take it to the next level, this episode is for you! [audio mp3="http://creativeempire.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/27-560-post/EP-74-Luisa-Hammett.mp3"][/audio]


Show Highlights:

  • How to make money blogging
  • What some reasons are that non-bloggers might want to have a blog + how it can help their business
  • Why consistency is important + how to be more consistent
  • How to come up with time to take pictures
  • What life looks like as a really well-known blogger
  • How to decide whether or not to collaborate with a brand
  • When to start charging + how to approach brands
  • How to grow your blog readership + social media following
  • How to deal with haters

Show Notes:

Luisa’s Bio:

Born in Colombia, raised in the South, currently living in the beautiful city of Atlanta. I recently graduated with my Masters in Clinical Nutrition from Georgia State University and completed a dietetic internship at Southern Regional Emory Healthcare. I am currently preparing for the final step, which is taking the registered dietetics licensure exam to become a registered dietitian (RD). Peaches to Pearls has been one of the best experience of my life because it gives me a platform to share my two biggest passions, food and fashion. Whether its a new healthy recipe or an affordable, chic outfit, Peaches to Pearls is for any woman trying to live a prettier life.

Luisa’s Social Handles:

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Episode 63: How to Brand Your Photography Business, with Vanessa Velez - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode of the Creative Empire Podcast, Reina and Christina are joined by destination wedding photographer and intentional brand strategist Vanessa Velez. She gives practical tips and advice this episode for photographers and non-photographers alike on branding and visual strategy. Vanessa curates a beautiful online presence through her website and social media and shares how she does so.


Show Highlights:

  • How Vanessa's background in marketing has helped make her a successful destination wedding photographer
  • What changes she's seen in the photography industry in the past ten years
  • How Instagram has helped her business + how she's grown her Instagram following
  • How knowing the client you want is helpful + how to figure them out
  • What photographers who are struggling to book anybody should do
  • What happens when you have a really strong visual branding strategy
  • What 3 practical tips she has for people to take their client experience up a level
  • What Vanessa's secret is to curating such a visual presence
  • What non-photographers can do to improve their Instagram feed + captions
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Show Notes:

Vanessa’s Bio:

Vanessa Velez is a Destination Wedding Photographer and Intentional Brand Strategist who has a deep passion for the creative business and weddings. She has been documenting events for the past decade and it is a romantic at heart. As a Destination photographer she has traveled to places like Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, New York and Paris. When she is not shooting weddings she is helping creative businesses create brands with intention, that can connect with their audience with authentic and true voices. She is also an advocate for community over competition as the Fort Lauderdale leader of Tuesdays Together. When she is not working you can find her cozy in bed with her daughter eating vanilla ice cream with an excess of whip cream and almonds.

Vanessa’s Social Handles:

44: The Business of Being Creative, with Valerie McKeehan - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode, Reina + Christina sit down with Valerie McKeehan to talk about the difference between creating as a hobby vs as a business. Valerie speaks to how her business relies on her ability to stay inspired creatively and what she does when she has too many and too few ideas. It's challenging to keep innovating and moving her brand beyond the trends, but her motto is to give herself grace to do her own thing. 


Show Highlights:

  • How to get inspired again if you're a creative entrepreneur + lose your motivation to create
  • How hiring help is often needed to keep moving forward
  • How to get started when creating physical products
  • How important branding is whether operating on Etsy or your own website
  • How we need to celebrate the successes we have instead of just moving onto what's next

Show Notes:

Valerie's Bio:

Lily & Val’s original gifts, cards, and home decor items mirror life’s simple pleasures so you always have a reason to smile. Each item is hand lettered and illustrated by Valerie McKeehan, who infuses her flourishes, flowers, typography and quaint illustrations with the same sense of whimsy and elegance that inspires her at home. In fact, that’s how Lily & Val was born. In 2012, newly wedded and drawing from a love of visual storytelling honed through her career in advertising, Valerie transformed an old picture frame into a “McKeehan’s Café” chalkboard for the kitchen. She fell in love with chalkboard art instantly. What’s more, friends, family, and customers from the Etsy shop that followed soon became just as enchanted by Lily & Val’s artwork, too. A lot has changed since those early days, but like all good things, a lot has stayed the same. As Lily & Val grew, she discovered ways to preserve a beloved art form that is considered fleeting and temporary. After illustrating each piece by hand, Valerie photographs the freshly drawn chalkboard to make a digital print. This method enables us to send you a gorgeous piece of chalkboard art, perfect in its imperfections, without worry of dust or erasing. We pride ourselves in unique, modern handcrafted goods with a nod to the nostalgia of a classic medium like chalkboard. Since opening, Lily & Val has worked with nationally-recognized brands and has been featured in publications like The Knot Magazine, HGTV.com, MarthaStewartWeddings.com, and Good Housekeeping Magazine. But want to know a secret? It’s still the spontaneity of life’s playful, everyday pleasures that inspires us. The smallest things are the most important things: a few words transforming a room into a cozy space, an illustration that makes you smile. We revel in mixing simple nostalgia with a modern style of pretty-whimsy to create gifts that are lovingly made, from our hands and hearts to yours.

Valerie's Social Handles:

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43: How to Tell Your Story (and why your brand needs it!), with Jasmin Black Ortega - the Creative Empire podcast

On this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast, the ladies are joined by Jasmin Black Ortega who is known for her visual storytelling. Jasmin starts with why your brand needs a story and how to find it. Then she explains how consistent branding plays like a movie with a beginning, a middle and an end. Jasmin goes on to explain how to interpret natural flow of thought to your visuals. Finally she talks about how you don't need to focus on one passion, but can follow your skills and interests where ever they take you, as long as they tell a story! 


Show Highlights:

  • Why your brand needs a story and how to find it
  • Why you don't have to focus on one passion
  • How to create consistent visuals for your brand
  • How to interpret natural flow of thought to your visuals

Jasmin’s Bio:

Jasmin Black is what you call a visual storyteller. This lover of laughs, mother of a fur kitty and wife is an expert at taking your vision and bringing it to life through intentional style while conveying your your story seamlessly. Jasmin’s love for storytelling is seen through her fine art skills as a calligrapher where she beautifully scripts a couple’s love story in a well written invitation to friends and loved ones, as a consultant for creative female driven brands that are looking to communicate their brand story in a way which captures their ideal client’s attention and also as a stylist and creative director working with clients to style their photo shoots for online and editorial publication. After years of traveling abroad and throughout the United States Jasmin and her husband have moved to America in Hickory, NC outside of her hometown of Charlotte where she left her high-level job as a nationally certified American Sign Language Interpreter for become a female entrepreneur and establishing her own company Estudio RoJo. Aside from dance breaks, gummy bears, delicious food and documentaries Jasmin is addicted to helping others listen to their inner creative voice. She is driven to inspire, educate and speak to others about how they challenge themselves from a more positive perspective and seek creativity from within and the fact that she speak four languages fluently allows her to relate and connect to people in a broader way. You can easily find Jasmin listening to music, occupied in her volunteer work or sketching at any time.

Jasmin's Social Handles:

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28: How to Build a Brand That Sells, with Irene Hardy - the Creative Empire podcast

Brand designer + strategist Irene Hardy is Reina + Christina's guest this episode. They start out by discussing the inspiration behind her brand and how she uses it to inspire others. Then she breaks down the steps to building a brand that sells. Her philosophy is that marketing is just communicating a story, and it doesn't have to be difficult. For those that are on their own or can't afford branding, Irene offers a few tips to DIY their brand. Next they discuss why a welcome guide is essential for a business. Lastly, she advises sitting down with a piece of paper and mapping out where you want to be, who you want to serve and how you're going to give them a crazy amount of value. 

Email Header Episode 28

Show Highlights:

  • How to build a brand that sells
  • How to DIY a brand
  • When to share your knowledge and when not to
  • How selling is like being at a cocktail party
  • How to get started with the branding steps
  • Where confidence to sell comes from

Show Notes:

Irene's Bio:

Irene Hardy is a graphic designer, brand stylist and the owner of Magnoliahouse Creative. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses build graceful and exuberant brands that attract their dream clients. When she’s not working, she’s the new girl in town in Columbia, SC with her husband and poorly-behaved bichon Max. You might catch her with a cold glass of rose on the back porch, cheering for the Texas Longhorns or cooking something delicious from scratch.

Irene’s Social Handles:

27: How to Learn From Your Non-Cinderella Story of Entrepreneurship, with Laura Foote - the Creative Empire podcast

For this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast Reina + Christina are talking with Laura Foote. Laura discusses her journey to creating her creative empire which has spanned over the last eight years. She talks about her windy, non-Cinderella story of creative entrepreneurship and how she has grown and changed with it. Laura highlights how people can learn from what they're doing right now, even if it's not where they want to be. She talks about how she has found balance between life and business, and found a sense of community and friendships despite moving across the country. 

Email Header Episode 27

Show Highlights:

  • How to embrace the windy, non-Cinderella story that can be creative entrepreneurship
  • How you can learn from what you're doing right now (even if it's not where you want to be)
  • How to find community and friendships as a creative entrepreneur
  • How to balance different priorities in life and business
  • How to find balance when you're just starting out
  • How to grow and change with your industry

Laura’s Bio:

Laura Foote is a Kansas girl turned Floridian who specializes in branding and wedding portraiture. She has been featured by brands like Lauren Conrad, Emily Ley, and Glitter Guide. Laura holds a Master's degree in College Education and recently made the jump from advisor/instructor to full-time photographer, speaker and mentor! The intersection of learning/teaching/mentoring other creatives is the core of her heart and she considers herself a storyteller who focuses on the real, raw, beautiful life moments that are intimate and worth remembering. Any day that ends with good food, red wine, and conversations that go 10,000 feet deep are the best in her book!

Laura's Social Handles:

21: How to Spread Happiness with Your Business, Maghon Taylor - the Creative Empire podcast

In this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast, Maghon Taylor joins the girls to talk about how to spread happiness using your business. She begins by explaining how she crafted a mission statement for her creative business, and why she felt a need for it. She goes on to talk about how to translate an individual business owner's personality to social media. Maghon discusses how to gain confidence and pursue your passion as a creative. This lead to debating the positives and not-so-great parts of being an entrepreneur and how to manage the struggle of going from having co-workers to being on your own. 

Email Header Episode 21

Show Highlights:

  • How to craft a mission statement for your creative biz (+ why you need one!)
  • How to spread happiness using your business
  • How to translate your personality to social media
  • How to gain confidence and pursue your passion
  • How to manage the struggle of having co-workers to working alone
  • What are some of the positives and not-so-great parts of being a creative entrepreneur

Maghon's Bio:

I'm Maghon Taylor and I am the She behind All She Wrote Notes.  I am a sweet Carolina girl on a mission to spread happiness through my handwriting. I have delighted in pretty handwriting all my life -- with a name like Maghon, you can't help it! My sweet southern mama says she spelled it that way because it looked prettier to write. I'm serious.  So, I think I was destined to be a calligrapher. All She Wrote Notes is a calligraphy studio that specializes in celebrating every day!  We believe calligraphy and beautiful handlettering shouldn't be saved like china for special occasions. Life can be full of so many little celebrations and we love to party! We specialize in adding my whimsical handwritten calligraphy to stationery, paper goods, gifts and party supplies. I also love teaching calligraphy and sharing my skills and knowledge through my traveling calligraphy workshop program called Calligraphy Y'all.  

Maghon's Social Handles:

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20: How to Know the Rules then Break Them with Katell Schmitz - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode features Katell Schmitz of Reverie Lane Designs. She talks about why being different is a good thing when it comes to design and how to embrace it creatively. Katell discusses how she got to a place where she is comfortable being unique, then she goes into why finding your voice is a must for any new designer. Lastly, she outlines the design process. 

Email Header Episode 20

Show Highlights:

  • What the creative process for the Creative Empire branding was like
  • Why Katell is different and how it enhances her design process
  • How being unapologetically herself has opened doors
  • Why it's important to find your own voice before designing for anybody else
  • How Katell become a branding expert
  • How to know which branding designer to pick for a project

Show Notes:

Katell's Bio:

Katell Schmitz is the owner + creative director of Reverie Lane Designs. Born in France, she studied Applied Modern Languages, Marketing and Cultural Project Management. She has always been captivated by creativity and finding any way possible to animate her imagination.

After college she moved to America, married her soulmate and now has two beautiful little humans. She worked as a freelance designer for a handful of years before starting her entrepreneurial journey. She believes branding and graphic design as a whole should be personal and tailor made. You know your business uniquely and should be the one telling the world about it. There is a little bit of a dream in this reality for everybody, and Katell feels honored to have her creativity at the service of your dreams. That is the very force propelling Reverie Lane Designs.

Katell's Social Handles:

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16: Reina and Christina Jam Session: Pricing: What is the Value of Your Work? - the Creative Empire podcast

During this jam session with Reina and Christina the girls are talking all about pricing. They discuss how to start pricing your services strategically and how to build your portfolio, leading up to a business launch. Reina and Christina talk about gaining the confidence to raise your prices and discuss how a luxury service is defined. Christina explains vertical and horizontal collaboration, and how to use it. Finally the girls close with a free Survive and Thrive Budget Workbook (details on how to get this below). 

Email Header Episode 16
Email Header Episode 16


  • How to start pricing your services (strategically!)
  • How to build your portfolio and lead up to a business launch
  • How to gain the confidence to raise your prices
  • What is a luxury service
  • What is vertical vs. horizontal collaboration (and how to use it)
  • How to price yourself to survive and thrive


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15: Creative Conferences, with Kat Schmoyer - the Creative Empire podcast

On this episode of  the Creative Empire Podcast Reina and Christina are talking to Kat Schmoyer of Dear Sweetheart Events and the Creative at Heart Conference. Kat explains her journey from her full-time job to creating her own business and journey. Kat explains how rewarding (but difficult!) this transition can be, but also how full-time entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. She goes over what the typical stages of this transition are and how to overcome them. Because Kat founded the Creative at Heart Conferences, she discusses conferences with Reina and Christina and how they are planned and executed. 

Email Header Episode 15
Email Header Episode 15

Show Highlights:

  • Embracing the transition from part-time to full-time entrepreneur
  • What are the typical stages of this transition
  • What is the deal with conferences for creatives (especially the Creative at Heart Conference)

Show Notes:

Kat's Bio:

I’m Kat – wife, planner, florist, pink lover & mama to a crazy brittany spaniel! My high school sweetheart Matt and I live in a tiny 2500 population town in an old, historic home … and we love every bit of it! We’re both a bit obsessed with the Christmas season, love watching sitcoms like Seinfeld & Friends, and cheer for the Redskins on Sundays. I began this dream of mine a little over 2 years ago, and have been blessed to work with some truly incredible couples! Wedding planning combines my love for organization, strategy & color-coding; floral design allows me to dig even deeper with you into the heart of your design aesthetic, so we cultivate a wedding day that is both logistically sound & aesthetically unforgettable. Diet Dr. Pepper is my drug of choice, popcorn is my favorite snack, and there must always be a candle burning during my work day! I love chatting with brides over iced chai lattes, can spend too many hours browsing through Target and rarely leave the house without my Simplified Planner & pink Kate Spade bag.

Kat's Social Handles:

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12: How to Build Buzz Around a Launch, with Megan Martin - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode we're talking with Megan Martin about building buzz around a launch. Megan stresses the importance of starting early and remaining consistent in branding before, during and after a launch. She also talks about how she builds buzz, and how she finds brand ambassadors from the creative community. Before a successful launch can occur, it is important to choose and then utilize the right project managment tool for you and your team, that's why Megan and the girls are discussing tools like Trello and Basecamp. Finally Megan talks about what she DIYed and what she wish she had handed off to a professional (ie website design). Learn how to avoid launch failures, or at the very least, what to learn from them with Megan Martin! 

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Show Highlights:

  • How to build buzz around a launch
  • How to find brand ambassadors/cheerleaders
  • How to choose and utilize the right project management tool for you and your team
  • How to avoid launch failures (or what to learn from them!)
  • To DIY or not to DIY (that is the question)

Show Notes:

Megan's Bio:

Hey y’all! Yes, I say y’all, love preppy stripes and swoon over Southern accents & all the fixin’s! I am a Jacksonville, Florida girl born and raised and will always call this home, for this is where my heart truly is. It is where my sweet parents chose to adopt me at just three days old, giving me amazing opportunities and guidance I may have never had. It is where I made best friendships that will undoubtedly last till the end of time… and probably longer than that! It is where I met my soul mate and husband, and made my trip down the aisle to tell him, “I Do,” in a downtown New Year’s affair. And it is here that I welcomed our two babies (girls!) and began the journey of learning and loving mommyhood. Like Tim says, “A heart don’t forget somethin’ like that!” Somewhere in all that history I grew a deep passion and love for pretty details, good design and making it happen. I can’t remember how many times I would redecorate and style my room as a little girl or how many on trend magazines I would flip through while mom was shopping. She taught me, and still reminds me, that everyday is an occasion to give a gift, to always kill ‘em with kindness and most importantly to follow my heart and my dreams. All that dreaming has led me to the here and now, designing powerful brands, prop styling, crafting meaningful social media feeds and cheering on creative entrepreneurs.

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10: How to Create a Personal Brand with Nicole Yang - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode of the Creative Empire Podcast Reina and Christina talk with Nicole Yang of Design by Delight and Southern Weddings all about branding. Nicole opens with why consistency in branding is key and how brands can change (and that's okay!). What is important is  knowing how you want your audience to feel. Building a successful brand is about a consistent and clear expereince, Nicole goes on to explain, even if the entrepreneur's mood changes every day. Nicole highlights the important difference between branding and having a logo, and how without good branding, any business can fail. 

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Show Highlights:

  • Why branding is vital for any successful business
  • Why consistency in branding is key
  • How you brand can change and that's okay
  • How to build a successful brand (*hint* it's about the experience)
  • What is the difference between branding and having a logo

Show Notes:

Nicole's Bio:

Nicole, owner of Nicole Yang Delight by Design and the Art Director of Southern Weddings could survive off of hush puppies and BBQ alone. She has an affinity for the color orange, all things pug-related and paper. Her favorite parts of the day include unwrapping pretties that have arrived from the printer, planning weekend brunch and searching for her future puppy. Nicole is an avid list-maker, color-swatch-collector, and office-supply-lover. She believes in family dinners, bear hugs and candy stashes.

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