36: Your Supporting Role, Jam Session with Reina + Christina - the Creative Empire podcast

This week on the Creative Empire podcast Reina + Christina are jamming about being a part of a team and playing a supporting role in business. They discuss it being a financially and business savvy decision to learn from someone else's mistakes before going into business for yourself. Next the ladies introduce their team and share what their roles on their teams are. Reina + Christina discuss figuring out your strengths and how the role you're meant to fill might not have a specific title. Lastly, they discuss how you can find entrepreneurs to work for in Facebook groups. 


Show Highlights:

  • How the title of the roles don't necessarily fit the actual needs of entrepreneurs
  • How if you're struggling, it's ok to not be in business for yourself immediately
  • How, as part of a team, you get to learn from someone else's mistakes
  • How being a part of a team is not as lonely as being a solopreneur
  • What the criteria for internships is
  • How to put yourself out there to get hired

Show Notes:

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30: How to Scale Your Business for Rapid Growth with Melissa Cales of Brand Sweet Co - the Creative Empire podcast

This Empire Mentoring session is with Melissa Cales, of Brand Sweet Co and The White Desk Sessions. She is coming to Reina and Christina with the question of how to scale her business while experiencing rapid growth. The three ladies discuss outsourcing, systems, and developing passive income products.


Show Highlights:

  • How to hire before you're ready to avoid scrambling later
  • What you can automate to make life easier
  • How to make a minimum viable passive income product
  • How to collect ideas from your ideal client for passive income products

Melissa's Bio:

Melissa is a brand experience designer for creative entrepreneurs, combining drool-worthy visual design with kick-butt brand and marketing strategy. After her first failed attempt at a film photography business ten years ago, she made it her mission to learn everything she could about marketing, branding and business which lead to a successful corporate career as a Marketing Director and a successful senior portrait photography business. As Melissa went from struggling to thriving, her passion shifted to inspiring the same journey in other creative entrepreneurs. Today she combines her experience, skills and knowledge to help creative entrepreneurs build and grow their brands.

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25: How to Run a Successful Facebook Group, with Heather Crabtree - the Creative Empire podcast

On this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast the ladies are chatting with Heather Crabtree about how to run a successful and engaged Facebook Group. Heather talks about how she maintains an involved community of thousands of entrepreneurs, but also how to instill guidelines and rules so that it doesn't become spammy. She also dives into how her father's death affected her not only personally and emotionally, but also her business. Heather explains how finding a coach and trusting her instinct helped her overcome this personal tragedy and made her stronger. Heather talks with Reina + Christina about how she spots potential in people and in turn how she's hired and grown her team over just a few years. 

Show Highlights:

  • How to run a successful and engaged Facebook Group
  • How to launch (even when you're not ready)
  • How personal tragedies can affect your business (and how to deal with that healthily)
  • Why you should just go for it!
  • How to find and hire the best team for you and your business

Show Notes: 

Heather's Bio:

Heather is a Business Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs and owner of Heather Crabtree LLC. Prior to this business, Heather began in the legal field and also owned an event planning company for 11 years, which she and her business partner sold in 2014. Now she teaches creative business owners how to create and grow a business with their smarts and their heart. She also runs a private Facebook group, Savvy Business Owners, for over 7500 women, has a group coaching program, Savvy Business Circle, and will be launching her online shop for creative entrepreneurs with digital downloads soon. Business aside, Heather is also a proud mom to her littles, London and Lane, and wife of 11 years to her husband, Cole. She believes that life should not be taken for granted and that we should cherish each morsel of every day. She loves to encourage, motivate and share her knowledge with others, but also believes that we can learn something from every person we meet.

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19: How to find community as a solopreneur, with Krista Jones of The Rising Tide Society - the Creative Empire podcast

This week on the Creative Empire Podcast Reina and Christina are chatting with the Rising Tide Society's co-founder, Krista Jones. Krista outlines what the Rising Tide Society is, and how you as a creative entrepreneur can be involved and benefit from it. Krista talks about how to master being a leader to a large group of entrepreneurs and what you should know about the Tuesdays Together movement. She also discusses how to divide roles among co-founders when starting a new business so that it creates a healthy, happy environment. 

Email Header Episode 19
Email Header Episode 19

Show Highlights:

  • What the Rising Tide Society is
  • How to master being a leader for a large group of entrepreneurs
  • How to divide roles among co-founders
  • Why you need to know about the Tuesdays Together movement

Show Notes:

Krista's Bio:

Krista is a fine art film photographer and Graphic Designer for Creative Entrepreneurs. She is also a co-founder of the Rising Tide Society. She specializes in crafting unique brands that extend far beyond distinct typography and varying color palettes. Krista’s unique understanding of visual marketing, web design, branding, and search engine optimization has enabled her to create dynamic identities that prosper both online and in the marketplace

Krista's Social Handles:

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7: Jam Session: Your Role in Your Biz, with Reina + Christina - the Creative Empire podcast

How do you balance your role as a crafter vs. CEO roles as a biz owner? Most small biz owners try to ‘do it all’: designing websites, social media, graphic design, IT, and bookkeeping-- all while completing their client work. This just isn’t sustainable! And isn’t good for the health of the biz as it grows. Reina and Christina break down how to outsource the roles that are meant for someone else, and how that on-boarding process looks when it is carried out successfully. The two hosts finish up this episode talking about self-care and how it’s vital to the health of your biz, employees, and life. 

Email Header Episode Seven
Email Header Episode Seven


  • What should the mix of roles of craft vs. role of CEO be as a biz owner
  • How to outsource tasks and utilize those new people in your biz
  • How self-care is vital to the health of your biz

Show Notes:

1: Callie Murray, Thinking Outside the Box: When Your Unique Idea Turns into a Business - the Creative Empire podcast

This week’s podcast interviews Callie Murray, the Founder and CEO of The Big Fake Wedding. The Big Fake Wedding came to be after the unique idea to throw a Not-Wedding event sparked the possibility of profit and business potential. Thinking outside of the box, Callie now has a booming business which is scheduled to throw 30 events across the country this year alone. In this podcast Callie discusses with Reina and Christina how thinking outside the box turned into a business, and how to turn an idea into a thriving enterprise. Callie highlights how she started, but also the harder part of how she took calculated leaps to expand and grow her business, despite moving across the country (due to her husband’s Navy career). Part of this expansion included hiring a team, so Callie talks about how she hires and what she looks for in new employees, which is ultimately the key to her business’s success. Before she even made the leap to commit to The Big Fake Wedding she had to establish how feasible the business idea was and ultimately quit her job. Callie discusses how she went about these big steps in a smart way, sharing tips and practices that helped her through the transition of becoming a full time creative entrepreneur.

Show Highlights:

  • How to turn a unique idea into a booming business
  • How to hire employees that you believe in and that believe in your business
  • How to make the transition to full time creative entrepreneur
  • How to manage creative entrepreneurship and motherhood

Show Notes:

Callie's Bio:

Callie Murray started The Big Fake Wedding (then called The NotWedding) in 2008 and has been blessed by steady growth of the company in the midst of cross-country moves with her Navy husband and the births of her three little girls. Callie currently manages the staff and handles the big-picture elements of the company: where we’re going next, who’s taking us there, and what we are going to do when we get there. She is the Founder and CEO of The Big Fake Wedding as well as the proprietor of The Green House, a co-working office space in downtown Norcross.

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