Episode 145: Jam Session with Reina + Christina, Masterminds - the Creative Empire podcast

This jam session episode features Reina and Christina chatting about masterminds and masterminding. They are  covering lots of different questions that you guys have had and that they even had about masterminds. Specifically, what is in your mind? What can you expect to get out of these things? What do these things even do for you? Why would you want to be a part of on and which ones we've been a part of and which ones were running. 

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Main Takeaways:

  • What is a mastermind [0:01:22]
  • What the types of masterminds are [0:04:21]
  • What are peer masterminds vs. paid masterminds [0:08:17]
  • How to figure out why you want to join a mastermind [0:09:33]
  • What rules of masterminds can be [0:13:30]
  • What some takeaways from Masterminds have been [0:17:10]
  • How hotseats work [0:22:33]
  • How Reina is starting a mastermind and what they are [0:25:44]
  • What service Christina offers in sales [0:27:10]
  • How masterminds can help network and create credibility [0:32:05]
The best masterminds are the ones who are willing to dig deep with you.
— Reina Pomeroy
I’m so glad I did join one because it is very helpful to see how other people are experimenting and trying the things.
— Christina Scalera
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