30: How to Scale Your Business for Rapid Growth with Melissa Cales of Brand Sweet Co - the Creative Empire podcast

This Empire Mentoring session is with Melissa Cales, of Brand Sweet Co and The White Desk Sessions. She is coming to Reina and Christina with the question of how to scale her business while experiencing rapid growth. The three ladies discuss outsourcing, systems, and developing passive income products.


Show Highlights:

  • How to hire before you're ready to avoid scrambling later
  • What you can automate to make life easier
  • How to make a minimum viable passive income product
  • How to collect ideas from your ideal client for passive income products

Melissa's Bio:

Melissa is a brand experience designer for creative entrepreneurs, combining drool-worthy visual design with kick-butt brand and marketing strategy. After her first failed attempt at a film photography business ten years ago, she made it her mission to learn everything she could about marketing, branding and business which lead to a successful corporate career as a Marketing Director and a successful senior portrait photography business. As Melissa went from struggling to thriving, her passion shifted to inspiring the same journey in other creative entrepreneurs. Today she combines her experience, skills and knowledge to help creative entrepreneurs build and grow their brands.

Melissa’s Social Handles: