Episode 102: Jam Session with Reina + Christina, Milestones - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode features Reina and Christina chatting about milestones in business. They both reveal moments that have been milestones in their individual businesses. Also shared in this episode is  advice for what people need to do when they are feeling overwhelmed or triggered.


Show Highlights:

  • What milestones Reina has experienced in her business
  • What milestones Christina has experienced in her business
  • How investing in courses + retreats can be milestones
  • What people need to do when something is overwhelming them
  • What people need to do when they feel triggered

Show Notes:

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Episode 100: Jam Session with Reina + Christina, Sales 101 - the Creative Empire podcast

This episode features Reina and Christina chatting about selling. They start the episode by briefly outlining their own personal philosophies on selling. Then they dive right in and talk about what good selling looks like, how to sell by just talking to people + trying to help them, and how to manifest generosity in your business. They also chat about how to pick a lead magnet, how to guide leads through your selling process, and how to follow up with leads. Lastly Reina and Christina finish up the episode by talking about how money mindset affects selling. 


Show Highlights:

  • What Christina's philosophy on selling is
  • What Reina's philosophy on selling is
  • What good selling looks like
  • How to sell by just talking to people and trying to help them
  • How to manifest generosity in your business
  • How to pick your lead magnet, even if you don't have clients yet
  • What to do if you're feeling stuck and not getting clients
  • How to sell without having a website
  • How to follow up with leads
  • How money mindset affects selling

Show Notes:

92: Lisa Funk, How to Create a Company Culture of Connection - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina talk to Lisa Funk of Handlettered Design during this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast. Lisa is great at creating connections and encouraging people on Instagram, so they ask her to share how she has created a company that is so encouraging. Also discussed in this episode is what business owners should focus on instead of just numbers, how to get more comfortable with selling, and what advice Lisa would give to new business owners. 


Show Highlights:

  • How Lisa became an "accidental" business owner and how it's impacted how she does business
  • What mindful lettering is and how it's helped Lisa through hard times
  • What advice Lisa has for new handlettering business owners
  • What helped Lisa pivot in her business and how she gained clarity on what she really wanted to offer
  • What former students of Lisa's have gone on to do
  • What business owners should focus on instead of numbers
  • What Lisa's main goal for her Instagram account is
  • How Lisa got more comfortable with selling
  • What tips Lisa has for building a business that is encouraging

Show Notes:

Lisa’s Bio:

Lisa Funk is a hand lettering artist and creative founder of Hand Lettered Design. During one of the most challenging times in her life, lettering saved her - as a creative and meaningful outlet and she loves sharing that with others. What started as selling prints at holiday pop-up shops turned into several custom jobs and lots of different experiences including creating designs for Hobby Lobby, selling in local stores and teaching at major conferences. She and her partner Addi teach chalk art and hand lettering workshops and have now taught more than 700 students at their in-person classes and more than 1600 students online. She is passionate about helping women live intentional lives, focusing on what matters most. Lisa is a wife and mom to three littles, life-long Californian now living in Gilbert, Arizona where she loves living by family and being a part of an amazing creative community. She loves visiting art museums, traveling anywhere she can (especially the beach), dark chocolate, delicious food and real conversations about real life.

Lisa’s Social Handles:

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88: Let's Talk Tech, with Jessica Stansberry - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina’s guest this episode is Jessica Stansberry, owner of Hey Jessica. They discuss how to change your focus and tell your audience about it, what makes a post go viral and how to recreate it, how to create + pitch a course without having much content, and how to get people to opt-in to your email list. Also discussed in this episode are money mindset and how to create the Hey Jessica style email signature. 


Show Highlights:

  • How Jessica found her path + followed it
  • What she finds her clients need the most
  • How she told her audience her focus was shifting and what has/hasn't worked for her
  • How to create the Hey Jessica style email signature
  • What makes a post go viral and how to recreate it
  • How to create + pitch a course without having much content
  • How to get people to opt-in to your email list
  • How to transition to having a better money mindset
  • What courses Jessica has created
  • How to plan launches ahead of time

Show Notes:

Jessica’s Bio:

Jessica Stansberry is THE Jessica behind Hey Jessica, an online content machine dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs figure out the sometimes scary (aka, systems and technology) involved with running their business. Jessica spent the first 5 years of her entrepreneurial journey as a web designer before morphing into an infopreneur and selling courses as her main source of income. When she isn't writing blog posts, creating new courses or jamming out in her free Facebook group, Biz Tech Collective, you can likely find Jessica chasing chickens or little boys (her own, it'd be weird for her to chase other little boys) on her family farm in the mountains of North Carolina.

Jessica’s Social Handles:

80: How to Powerfully Persuade, with Bushra Azhar - the Creative Empire podcast

Reina and Christina talk to Bushra Azhar of The Persuasion Revolution during this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast. Bushra outlines each of her Eight Persuasion Switches and shares how to use them. This episode is jam-packed with information on how to sell to your audience. Listen below! 

Email Header Template Episode 80

Show Highlights:

  • What the Eight Persuasion Switches are and examples of them
  • How to use the Eight Persuasion Switches in sales copy + social media
  • How to dive deeper into the art + science of persuasion

Show Notes:

Bushra’s Bio:

Bushra Azhar believes that human beings are irrational and trying to persuade someone through a rational argument is like trying to stop a 5 year old from ODing on M&Ms by recounting the evils of high fructose corn syrup. She is a Persuasion Strategist and Founder of The Persuasion Revolution, where tiny businesses make big bucks, using Psychology of Persuasion. She started  The Persuasion Revolution in July 2014 and managed to go from an absolute nobody with zero connections and subzero sales to $1M+ in sales, an email list of 23,000 and a buyer list of 4,000 in less than two years.

Bushra’s Social Handles:

78: How to Build Brand Loyalty, with Cathy Olson - the Creative Empire podcast

Branding expert, founder of Love Inspired, and creator of Shopsite School Cathy Olson is Reina and Christina’s guest on The Creative Empire podcast this episode. Cathy shares the pivotal experience that changed her life and made her want to start teaching and speaking. First they discuss branding- who to hire, how to make your website user friendly, and what the most essential part of your brand is. Then Cathy talks about how being on Etsy can be a branding "kiss of death" and how she recommends people get off Etsy. Finally, she shares a ton of knowledge about how to build brand loyalty to get customers to follow you off of Etsy. 


Show Highlights:

  • How to determine who to hire for branding your business
  • Why having a website you can use + grow into is important
  • How Cathy is able to translate what her clients want + what she uses to fuel her process
  • Why transitioning off of Etsy is important, branding wise
  • How to build brand loyalty off of Etsy
  • How to build your brand as a whole

Show Notes:

Cathy’s Bio:

Cathy Olson has been beautifying brands and designing experiences of digital delight for over 17 years, working with multi-million dollar brands like Costco, Best Buy and Disney. Now the founder of Love Inspired, an international branding and web design studio with a boutique approach, she helps creatives package their expertise in a way that excites eyes, hugs hearts, and cues cha-chings. She is also the creator of Shopsite School, an online classroom and essential resource to help product-based businesses get off of Etsy and create a successful shop on their own. She has a passion for putting the fun in functional, the purpose in pretty, and the meaning in details. When she’s not innovating for clients, she shares her multifaceted expertise teaching online or on the stage. Her heart’s mission: To help talented creatives feel seen online, so they’ll feel proud to share their ideas and passions with others, and inspired to stretch their creativity.

Cathy’s Social Handles:

71: Empire Mentoring Session: How to Transform Inquiries into Sales, with Maura Chamness - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina for this Empire Mentoring session is Maura Chamness, product stylist and brand photographer. Maura's biggest struggle right now is how to convert inquiries into clients. Reina + Christina talk about her website + process of booking a client before giving her several key pieces of advice. 


Show Highlights:

  • How your service needs to match your ideal client's needs
  • How you can go to people who need your service instead of waiting for them to come to you
  • How to pitch your services in a way that makes your potential clients receptive to them
  • How to sell value not cost
  • How to figure out what to focus on and why it's important to focus for a length of time
  • How to use your personality in business
  • How to use the Social Glue Method of marketing
  • How to find value in masterminds

Show Notes:

Maura’s Bio:

Maura is a product stylist and brand photographer who helps inspired and creative entrepreneurs enhance their online presence with photos that complement the brand they’ve worked hard to build. Through her unique process, she guides them in honing their style to create custom stock and product photography that brings their work to life online. Maura currently lives in Houston, TX with her sassy Schnauzer, Gracie. When she's not in the studio or trying to tame the prop closet, you can usually find her working on a house project, going to yoga, or celebrating Taco Tuesdays - usually with extra guac and pun-ny Instagram memes!

Maura’s Social Handles:

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52: Empire Mentoring Session: How to Streamline Your Process with Ashley Takacs - the Creative Empire podcast

Joining Reina and Christina for this Empire Mentoring session is Ashley Takacs, jewelry designer behind A. Tak Crafts. Like most creatives, Ashley is multi-passionate and wasn't sure what to pursue next. We focused on streamlining her process at her current jewelry business so that no matter what she decides to pursue, she will be ready to tackle it head on!


Show Highlights:

  • What questions you need to ask yourself to figure out what to focus on
  • How anything you pursue in business provides valuable experience for future endeavors
  • How to streamline a product-based business, including batch ordering + less styles
  • How stories sell your products

Show Notes:

Ashley's Bio:

Ashley Takacs ("A. Tak") is the creative behind A. Tak Crafts. She's a theatre nerd, Longhorn, Houstonian, wife, and crafter of handmade pendant and tassel necklaces. Ashley is inspired the creative community she has found and is open to see where her path may lead. You can often find her acting as a sounding board and providing encouragement for her friends. Her favorite pastime, besides hanging with her husband, is helping fellow creatives through conversation or even just a big hug. Ashley is a lover of leopard print, chocolate, dance parties, and all things gold. She lives for genuine connection and meeting new creatives.

Ashley's Social Handles:

35: How to Use Your Story in Business, with Jessica Rasdall - the Creative Empire podcast

  This episode Reina + Christina are talking to inspirational speaker, Jessica Rasdall. Jessica offers a how-to on finding your story and using it in your business. She describes how she tells her story to inspire and motivate others, and how you can do this even if you're a bad writer. It starts with processing emotions instead of toughing it out, and then harnessing those emotions to tell others. Jessica shares her secret to making a connection with listeners and then turning them into trusting clients.


[audio mp3="http://creativeempire.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/03-163-post/EP-35-Jessica-Rasdall.mp3"][/audio]

Show Highlights:

  • How to find your story and use it in your business
  • Why you should process your emotions instead of toughing it out
  • How to tell your story to inspire others
  • How to tell your story as a bad writer
  • How to make a connection with listeners to turn them into trusting clients

Show Notes:

Jessica's Bio:

When Jessica Rasdall was a freshman in college, she made a life-altering decision that resulted the death of her best friend. In an effort to raise awareness, cope with her guilt and keep her friend’s memory alive, she began sharing her story. Jessica spoke to over 15,000 young adults across the country before she was later sentenced to four years in prison. Upon being released from prison, she returned home to pick up the pieces and continued to share her message. Today, Jessica is a Motivational Speaker and Transformational Coach to female business owners. She helps her clients unearth their signature story, tap into their inner strength and evoke radical change. She believes that what most people consider to be their “liabilities” are actually their greatest asset. Jessica has shared her story of turning her “mess into a message” for nearly ten years and has been featured on major media outlets such as ABC's 20/20, Katie Couric, Seventeen Magazine, The Guardian, MTV’s Series Premiere of One Bad Choice and many more. Today, Jessica helps others take control of their lives, starting from the inside out. Through public speaking, group coaching and one-on-one intensives, Jessica Rasdall is helping others live passion-driven lives, focused on embracing their stories and uncovering their purpose.

Jessica's Social Handles:

33: How to Double Your Email List and Turn Them into Advocates for Your Brand, with Courtney Slazinik - the Creative Empire podcast

On this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast Reina & Christina are talking to Courtney Slazinik of Click it Up a Notch. Courtney talks about her transition from having a blog to having a business and how to make that a smooth one. One of the key points Courtney discussed was how she grew her email list and then turned them into advocated for her brand. A great deal of that had to do with being protective of this list, and intentional with what she sends to them. Finally Courtney talks about how she talks to two different audiences and caters to her over 32,000 email subscribers. 


Show Highlights:

  • How to go from having a blog to having a business
  • What the key is to doubling your email list
  • How to turn email subscribers into advocates for your brand
  • How to talk to two different audiences

Show Notes:

Courtney's Bio:

Courtney Slazinik is the force behind Click it Up a Notch, a Huffington Post Top 5 Blog for Momtographers. Each week she teachers tens of thousands of photographers how to capture life’s simple moments, and also instructs aspiring entrepreneurs how she built her Facebook community of over 60 thousand fans.

Courtney's Social Handles:

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32: How to Confidently Find Your Niche with Kirstie Jones - the Creative Empire podcast

Equine photographer Kirstie Jones is Reina + Christina's guest this episode.  They start the episode by discussing how she even created her niche of equine photography and how she found her style as a photographer. She owns her passion for pricing + business and talks a little about how she has to create her own demand. Kirstie discusses putting money into advertising and how she gets return on her investment because she knows her customer. Kirstie's confidence shines throughout this episode and Reina asks her what she would tell a new business owner who maybe wasn't as confident. She ends the episode with the advice for new entrepreneurs to craft their why and their story and believe in every inch of it, because that will help them with sales better than anything else.


Show Highlights:

  • How doing what she loved helped Kirstie find her niche and noticing common threads in what she loved developed her style
  • How having a pulse on the market helps you calculate your business decisions
  • How Kirstie takes cues on pricing from other industries
  • How you get a great return on your investment if you understand where your clients are and if your messaging is correct
  • How Kirstie first started getting published in blogs + magazines and what she would do differently now
  • How believing in what you're selling wholeheartedly leads to confidence + an easier time selling
  • Why crafting your why + your story + believing in every inch of it is important to entrepreneurs

Show Notes:

Kirstie’s Bio:

Kirstie Jones is an equine portrait photographer located in Dallas, Texas. Since opening Kirstie Marie Photography in 2013, her work has been featured across dozens of equine publications, as well as on coveted photography blogs around the world. Using both film and digital cameras, Kirstie’s work is often described as authentic, emotional, and timeless. Kirstie earned a BBA in Finance from the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University, where she also rode as a scholarship athlete for the TCU Equestrian Team.

Kirstie’s Social Handles:

28: How to Build a Brand That Sells, with Irene Hardy - the Creative Empire podcast

Brand designer + strategist Irene Hardy is Reina + Christina's guest this episode. They start out by discussing the inspiration behind her brand and how she uses it to inspire others. Then she breaks down the steps to building a brand that sells. Her philosophy is that marketing is just communicating a story, and it doesn't have to be difficult. For those that are on their own or can't afford branding, Irene offers a few tips to DIY their brand. Next they discuss why a welcome guide is essential for a business. Lastly, she advises sitting down with a piece of paper and mapping out where you want to be, who you want to serve and how you're going to give them a crazy amount of value. 

Email Header Episode 28

Show Highlights:

  • How to build a brand that sells
  • How to DIY a brand
  • When to share your knowledge and when not to
  • How selling is like being at a cocktail party
  • How to get started with the branding steps
  • Where confidence to sell comes from

Show Notes:

Irene's Bio:

Irene Hardy is a graphic designer, brand stylist and the owner of Magnoliahouse Creative. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses build graceful and exuberant brands that attract their dream clients. When she’s not working, she’s the new girl in town in Columbia, SC with her husband and poorly-behaved bichon Max. You might catch her with a cold glass of rose on the back porch, cheering for the Texas Longhorns or cooking something delicious from scratch.

Irene’s Social Handles:

24: How to Take Risks and Have Them Pay Off, with Farideh Ceaser - the Creative Empire podcast

Featured on this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast is Farideh Ceaser, launch strategist and musician. She started studying business at a young age and realized as a creative that we have to keep taking risks and honor our excitement. They discuss what it's like to be business-minded and creative and how that can make being authentically real online a challenge. Next they talk about passive income, how to develop products, and how Farideh became a launch strategist. Farideh takes Reina and Christina through launch strategy and what an actual launch is like. She ends the episode with the advice for new entrepreneurs to "just try everything, see what sticks, then niche down from there." 

Email Header Episode 24
Email Header Episode 24

Show Highlights:

  • How Farideh became a launch strategist
  • How she balances being creative and business-minded and why it's important to be authentically real online
  • What her strategies for passive income are
  • How to validate ideas to see if there's a market for them
  • How you don't have to be an expert to launch
  • How launching is like being a burlesque dancer
  • How automating your social media makes it easy to promote your products/services
  • How Facebook Pixel works
  • How new entrepreneurs should just try a lot of things before niche-ing down

Show Notes:

Farideh's Bio:

Farideh Ceaser is a musician and launch strategist. After 15 years on the road touring as a musician, Farideh switched gears and now helps entrepreneurs launch their big ideas and online courses. She regularly delivers her wisdom in the form of a ukelele and a song on www.farideh.com.

Farideh’s Social Handles:

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21: How to Spread Happiness with Your Business, Maghon Taylor - the Creative Empire podcast

In this episode of the Creative Empire Podcast, Maghon Taylor joins the girls to talk about how to spread happiness using your business. She begins by explaining how she crafted a mission statement for her creative business, and why she felt a need for it. She goes on to talk about how to translate an individual business owner's personality to social media. Maghon discusses how to gain confidence and pursue your passion as a creative. This lead to debating the positives and not-so-great parts of being an entrepreneur and how to manage the struggle of going from having co-workers to being on your own. 

Email Header Episode 21

Show Highlights:

  • How to craft a mission statement for your creative biz (+ why you need one!)
  • How to spread happiness using your business
  • How to translate your personality to social media
  • How to gain confidence and pursue your passion
  • How to manage the struggle of having co-workers to working alone
  • What are some of the positives and not-so-great parts of being a creative entrepreneur

Maghon's Bio:

I'm Maghon Taylor and I am the She behind All She Wrote Notes.  I am a sweet Carolina girl on a mission to spread happiness through my handwriting. I have delighted in pretty handwriting all my life -- with a name like Maghon, you can't help it! My sweet southern mama says she spelled it that way because it looked prettier to write. I'm serious.  So, I think I was destined to be a calligrapher. All She Wrote Notes is a calligraphy studio that specializes in celebrating every day!  We believe calligraphy and beautiful handlettering shouldn't be saved like china for special occasions. Life can be full of so many little celebrations and we love to party! We specialize in adding my whimsical handwritten calligraphy to stationery, paper goods, gifts and party supplies. I also love teaching calligraphy and sharing my skills and knowledge through my traveling calligraphy workshop program called Calligraphy Y'all.  

Maghon's Social Handles:

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16: Reina and Christina Jam Session: Pricing: What is the Value of Your Work? - the Creative Empire podcast

During this jam session with Reina and Christina the girls are talking all about pricing. They discuss how to start pricing your services strategically and how to build your portfolio, leading up to a business launch. Reina and Christina talk about gaining the confidence to raise your prices and discuss how a luxury service is defined. Christina explains vertical and horizontal collaboration, and how to use it. Finally the girls close with a free Survive and Thrive Budget Workbook (details on how to get this below). 

Email Header Episode 16
Email Header Episode 16


  • How to start pricing your services (strategically!)
  • How to build your portfolio and lead up to a business launch
  • How to gain the confidence to raise your prices
  • What is a luxury service
  • What is vertical vs. horizontal collaboration (and how to use it)
  • How to price yourself to survive and thrive


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14: Empire Mentoring Session: How to Market Without Sleaze with Ashley Cox - the Creative Empire podcast

This Empire Mentoring Session is with Ashley Cox of Ashley Cox Photography and Sprout HR. She is coming to Reina and Christina about how to market herself and her business better, without coming off as sleazy. Reina and Christina talk about how and where to give away content, and how that translates into more paid work. Additionally the girls are chatting about how your website should read to help viewers understand your business (and you!), and how to define what you do, concisely! 

Email Header Episode 14
Email Header Episode 14

Show Highlights:

  • How to market and sell to people without coming off as sleazy
  • How to get more sales (*hint* it's about giving away content!)
  • How your website should read to help viewers understand your business (and you!)
  • How to define what you do, concisely

Ashley's Bio:

Ashley Cox is the owner of sproutHR, where she helps creative entrepreneurs learn all about how to hire, train, and grow a thriving team. Whether you feel like you're in way over your head hiring your first team member, or you're looking for someone to help you create a strategic long-term plan, she partners with you as your personal HR expert! She'll help you feel more confident in your abilities, while saving you the time and frustration of trying to figure it all out on your own.

Ashley’s Social Handles:

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