3: Steph Crowder, Men vs. Women in Entrepreneurship - the Creative Empire podcast

Steph Crowder, Director of Member Success at Fizzle joins the ladies of My Creative Empire podcast to talk about men versus women in entrepreneurship. Steph talks about why there seems to be more male entrepreneurs than female, and why they tend to self-promote and self-proclaim as experts sooner than women do. Steph leads an inspiring discussion about how women can be more confident about their knowledge and accept that imperfections don’t negate successes. She encourages female entrepreneurs to jump in and start working towards their dreams instead of worrying that they’re not qualified enough, or creating excuses of why it won’t work. She also addresses the importance of asking others for help, and recognising that it makes you a stronger entrepreneur (not a weaker one!).

Show Highlights:

  • Why you should self-promote (and not see it as bragging!)
  • How to ask for help (and recognizing it makes you a better entrepreneur!)
  • Why women should be more confident about their expertise
  • How to deal with imperfections as a creative entrepreneur

Show Notes:

Bonnie's Bio:

Steph Crowder is the Director of Member Success at Fizzle, the best place for training and community for creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs. With a background in sales and training, Steph joined Fizzle after launching her own career coaching business for young women. When not helping entrepreneurs build their thing, she's likely on a dance floor, drinking wine or just spending time with her husband and dog in Chicago.

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