Episode 150: Canadian Laws for Creatives, Ava Aslani - the Creative Empire podcast

Today Reina and Christina are joined by Ava Aslani of Essentia Law, an attorney from Canada. Ava is here chatting all about how laws in Canada are different. At the beginning Ava and Christina really bond over learning all of the differences and similarities of the law. They chat about things from a trademark registration, to a copyright registration, to online business structures. They also talk about what it looks like to work with people across the border regarding laws.

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Main Takeaways:

  • What some things to consider as a business in Canada [0:01:50]
  • What the pros and cons of a BC Company and a Federal Company [0:05:33]
  • What does a trademark look like in Canada [0:10:21]
  • How copyright law works in Canada [0:13:03]
  • What some examples of copyright infringement are [0:15:45]
  • What moral rights are and how it works in Canada [0:18:18]
  • How to do business across country boundaries [0:22:39]
  • How to enforce your contracts + the benefit of taking payments [0:26:39]
  • What the tax systems loos like when crossing the border [0:32:12]
I think the key wherever you’re looking for your CPA is to make sure that they’re familiar with cross-border transaction issues.
— Ava Aslani
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It’s important because we have to consider these international rules and regulations as online business owners.
— Ava Aslani


Ava grew up in Toronto but the mountains and the ocean drew her to the west coast and she moved to Vancouver in 2010. She completed her law degree at the University of British Columbia, after which she articled at the Vancouver office of one of Canada’s largest national firms. She moved to the Okanagan Valley in 2014 and practiced as a general solicitor prior to launching Essentia Law to combine her legal training with her passion for innovation and Entrepreneurship. Ava’s business law practice is focused on providing effective and practical legal solutions to small businesses in a variety of areas including business formation, corporate structuring and reorganizations, and corporate governance. She particularly enjoys working with emerging and growth-stage companies in the technology industry and assisting on the unique legal challenges they face.

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